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Heavy Metals and your Health. What you should know.

Heavy Metals and your Health. What you should know.

Heavy Metals and your Health. 

What you need to know. 

Many people have a large amount of heavy metals stored in their body. This storage can becontributing to disease and symptoms. With everything we are exposed to in our air, water, and food, it’s unrealistic to be completely free of heavy metals. Just to put this into better perspective think about the mercury in our water, thermometers, lead from pipes, drains, and residue from burning products, particles in our air. There is even a release of arsenic into the environment when some chemicals and glass is made. This is all within the process of smelting lead, zinc, and copper. Heavy metals even enter our bodies via pesticides and dyes. 

This information isn’t my method to shock and awe you, but rather to just make you aware of thethings around us that interact with our level of wellness. Large amounts of metals in the body can lead to toxicity, and ultimately impact your mental and physical health. It affects things like the proper functioning of vital organs, levels of fatigue, and according to many researchers, other serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Heavy metals don’t just magically go away in our bodies. There are easy and specific steps you can do to minimize the impact, decrease the level within your body, and maximize your wellness. 

 Here are a TWO simple steps that I personally practice: 

Eat a clean, organic whole food, plant based diet.

That seems like a huge undertaking but by simply aiming to incorporate more fresh veggies, healing juices, raw soups, and smoothies consistently in your lifestyle will help to reduce the amount of toxins going into the body. This in turn helps to phase out old acidic waste that is stored in the body. Strategically, this can be done once a day centered around a specific meal or just with little steps by adding a serving of green veggies to a meal. This facilitates health, digestion with fiber, and optimizes wellness with the nutrients you are consuming. 

Get comfortable and cozy with cilantro.

Incorporate at least one fresh bunch of cilantro in your smoothies, juices, or meals daily for its function as a natural chelator of heavy metals from the body. Not only that, the fresh, vibrant taste will put a little pep in your step. If that doesn’t do it, the carotenoids will detoxify and protect your liver. I absolutely LOVE cilantro. It’s so important to help eliminate heavy metals safely and prevent the symptoms associated with the build up such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor memory, and skin issues.