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Protein Packed Red Lentil Dahl

Hope you enjoy this Protein Packed Red Lentil Dahl this week! So far this has been our favorite cold, rainy night meal during this time of year. SO comforting and flavorful. Enjoy it all week now with this Living Whole Love your Lunches Meal Prep week!

Chickpea Macaroni Salad Microbiome Boost Bowl

Chickpea macaroni salad microbiome boost bowl. That m-word.. microbiome. The new buzz word with true health implications. This bowl has so many properties that are gut supporting. From the miso snuck in the Mediterranean inspired sauce to the fiber rich cabbage and other veggies, your microbiome will thank you for making this super quick and easy meal […]

Southwestern Sweet Potato Bowl

This sweet potato nourish bowl is packed with plant based protein and southwest flavors. This is the first week of the #livingwhole LOVE YOUR LUNCHES. Perfect and easy to make ahead of time and to pack for lunch. Ingredients: 3-5 medium sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, and purple sweet potato (choose your own variety), chop into […]

Make you think it’s Friday FUNFETTI cake (refined sugar free, gluten free)

Okay guys.. besides a deliciously awesome recipe for funfetti cake, you are also going to get a great behind the scenes story.. stay with me. A wonderfully, awesome person reached out to me about my Carrot Cake recipe (which you MUST go follow her IG: @heykackie and YT: Kackie Reviews Beauty) NOW… very important side […]

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Getting started on your personal wellness journey.

The journey itself. It will never be perfect and simply – its a journey. All adventures have trials/errors and the ups/downs that make it almost seem like you should give up so always remember why you started and that it is YOUR journey. Don’t compare your wellness chapter one to someone’s wellness chapter thirty.

Hello New Year. Muscular System and why it matters.

Our muscular system consists all different types of muscle that each play a crucial role in the function of the body, allowing us to move, speak, twerk… and even masticate. Yes, masticate. Google it.

Saving Money on a Plant-based Lifestyle.

Saving Money on a Plant-based lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. IN FACT, I have found that it just takes a little bit of know how. With my experience for the past several years completely radiantly, vibrantly plant-based.. I have found a few bits of know how through both common sense and trial and error. […]

Easy DIY blood orange citrus salt scrub

Guys! You loved that IG post of my hand saving scrub. Love this stuff and it does my hands wonder. Easy DIY blood orange citrus salt scrub. With being in the kitchen, washing my hands ALL the time, and using alcohol based foams, I need use this often. Zesty, hydrating, and exfoliating, it is so […]

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