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One year later.. a Living Whole update.

Wow oh wow.. It has been ONE whole year since my last blog post. Where did the time go? I have had a year of growth and evolution of Living Whole. November 2018 I finished up what I thought was my last travel assignment at Stanford and opened up my office in the Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas area.

With the success of my nutrition consulting and client load, I thought I would be amazing to open my office at home. I adored the space I created but found work disconnected from my organic creative process and the area greatly lacked any and all amenities supporting our desired lifestyle.

SO we set off again because adventure, opportunity, and a better amenity full life await.. we only get one life. I refuse to settle for both myself and the Living Whole community.

Focusing more on a deeper connection with the Living Whole community, I have stopped taking clients (for now) and am evolving content creation that wraps more closely with our whole life. This has been more so in the form of Youtube and my Living Whole Newsletter. Even though Living Whole IG is activated.. I am still on a social media detox from IG and Facebook. What was initially a 30 day detox will now be a 6 month detox. FOR REAL. I am still on twitter though because despite all, it facilitates better conversation and connection so far (in my opinion).

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