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Transition to Fall Wellness Tips. Hello October!

Do you need transition to fall wellness tips? Fall is officially upon us! Hello October. Sometimes this transition can be difficult. It’s the seasonal interlude.. magical, full of pumpkin spice, flu, and weather changes. To transition to fall with wellness and ease here are my fall wellness tips to coast into winter. 

Slow down. Autumn is THE season to slow down and take a great big gulp of the crisp fresh air, gaze upon the colors within the trees, and essentially the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down. Stop and smell the pumpkin spice.. or my personal fall favorite, apple pie spice.

Get your health in order. The flu season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get your annual check up. Do what is necessary to keep yourself well. Boost your immune system by drinking more water, practicing hand hygiene, and eating nourishing, nutritious foods. 

Get yourself ready with sleep. Before you know it, Daylight Savings Time will be upon us. Keep your sleep schedule in order and make the transition easier with trying to go to bed just little bit earlier at night.  

Moisturize. Give your skin some love. With the changing temps, skin can become dry and the summer sun can linger so keep the sunscreen and moisturizer on.   

Eat nourishing, nutritious seasonal produce. Check out this months recipes featuring kale, pumpkin, homemade veggie broth, root, eggplant, and all the other amazing fall produce.  

Fall fitness. Get moving and take advantage of the beautiful weather.   

Seasonal spring cleaning. I love this one. With falls change I feel a certain buzz.. I LOVE IT. I clean the entire house, clean out my closets, organize, organize, and organize. It is seriously therapeutic. Keep an eye out the seasonal spring cleaning guide later this month! 

Keep a schedule and be nice to yourself. This time of the year leading into winter can lead into isolation. Stay on track by scheduling time in your day to do things you like to do and still get in that quality time with the important people in your life. With evenings getting darker quicker doesn’t mean your socializing has to too! Most important of all, be nice to yourself. With the fall and change of seasons, we all gain a few pounds, might have a little seasonal mood depression,  feel the flu or under the weather.. so be kind to yourself and others. Positive vibes.