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Self Care September Day Twenty Eight: Importance of Music

Self Care September Day Twenty Eight: Importance of Music.

Take a moment to think about the importance of music. Music makes life.. well, so much richer. Have you noticed how when you play your favorite track things are a little brighter? You favorite background music when you are working on a big project? Or that one song that brings back a flood of nostalgic memories? Your jam that pumps up your productivity??

All of those things can be a form of self care. Most of the times, a vital part of self care. The benefits of music can lead to tasks completed with more ease and happiness, increased mood, and self awareness. Self care at it finest. Self care isn’t always bubble baths and pedicures. So at least tackle it with some tunes.

The importance of music. It’s science, yo! 

Here are ways that music impacts wellness: 

  •  Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Decreases pain
  • May improve immune functioning
  • Possibly prevent disease 
  • Aids memory and cognitive function

Don’t even get me started on the AMAZING benefits of learning to play and instrument and read music! Take a look here from Scientific American.

Just get to listening for starters in increasing your self care practices through music.

What are you listening to?