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Now that you're plant based.. what do you eat?

Now that you’re plant based.. what do you eat?

Whole food, plant based nutrition sounds really simple right?

For most people, it is actually quite confusing and hard to wrap their minds around. This is more often what I encounter when people find out that I am PLANT BASED and am a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

I have heard more times than I can count, “but what do you even eat??”

It’s really quite straight forward.. plants. Anything that is a whole food and plant based.

The next thing people forget is that when you transition to whole, plant based foods, you are consuming foods that aren’t pumped full of extra fat, sugar, and all the other calorically dense CRAP… SO you need to consume more plants. 

But how much??

That is what I am here to present. Just an easy guide to nutritional servings for your day.

Consider it daily nutritional plant goals. 

This brief guideline is to help you figure out what you need to be eating for a balanced, fulfilling, sustainable, and fueling nutritional content for the day. Always remember though, if your body is telling you that it is hungry, eat. Reach for that apple, have that extra serving of beans, legumes, berries. You will fail if you aren’t eating enough because, let’s face it, being hungry is miserable. 

Even though a whole food, plant based nutritional lifestyle has been shown by irrefutable research to be able to reverse heart disease and prevent/cure most chronic diseases, not all plant foods are created equal. THIS is why it is important to eat a balanced diet. Some foods and food groups have special nutrients not found in abundance in others. You can clearly see this when you analyze the benefits of greens and legumes. Both are great for you BUT for different reasons and you need different amounts of each to meet those requirements to feel your absolute best. 

For my clients, this is the tip of our foundational iceberg as we work together to build a holistic nutrition and wellness geared plan of care for whatever their health goals are. Nutrition is a portion of the whole picture for optimal health. It’s the driving mechanism for your success to living whole.

Whole mind, body, emotional spirit.. the works. 

Check out the downloadable version in my Living Whole printable resources. Hang it on your fridge, stick it in your meal planner, put it wherever you NEED it!