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Dealing with Detox.

Dealing with Detox.

As I scroll through my Instagram, I’m reminded how much phony and just plain bad information that social media “gurus” put out there concerning diet/lifestyle. How many poor souls are hoodwinked by false claims from the “skinny tea” or latest detox. So many of them include fasting, drinking copious amounts of liquid, or just restrict, restrict, restrict what you eat. All of which are short term. Quick fixes will only produce fleeting results. 

Is that worth many of the side effects people feel during these extreme processes? Low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, feeling dizzy, light headed, and even nausea.. Sound appealing?

Our bodies are beautiful things that have intricate and amazing processes that when fueled properly do all the detoxing we need. One of our greatest assets? Check out Dr. Greger’s video from to find out! He’s one of my favorite speakers regarding evidence based nutrition. 

Broccoli, eh? SO with that little gem, imagine if you fueled your body with minimally processed, WHOLE, plant based food? Whether you’re Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, or on the Dunkin’ Diet.. You name it. Our diets, whatever they may be, can still be full of JUNK. Junk that hinders our bodies natural processes.

The science based evidence supports that minimally processed, whole, and plant based foods are the foundation to the most optimal nutrition. Now you have the why detox. Here’s the how.

The first step in using nutrition as a form of detoxification is to remove all suboptimal nutrition that has a direct impact on our health. Remove foods that can be bothersome or toxic from your diet and you can start the first step of healing. Inflammatory processes will start to decrease and the body will begin to remove waste substances that are the byproducts of metabolizing suboptimal foods. Plainly, your body will begin to cleanse itself. 

Removing and eliminating foods that are harmful to our body will allow it to start rebuilding itself in a way that restores its ability to carry our physiological functions in an optimal manner. Next, introducing minimally processed, natural plant based foods we further enhance the rebuilding process. 

Optimal foods, which are whole, plant based, produce optimal health.

I have encountered so many people that have heard over and over, “improve your health by diet and exercise.” Vague, broad recommendation, that continues to leave people frustrated and pursing fad diets, gym memberships barely used, and a rotation of costly trainers. A well meaning effort that ultimately turns out futile, with no lasting benefits. Comment below if you guys want to know the basic levels of food classification and categories of processed food, and how to incorporate how plant based foods to detox, meaning how to get your own body functioning at its optimal level. We can discuss information and recipes that will help you choose the right whole foods, then transition to some of the more healthy foods you enjoyed before in a structured and detailed manner. Ditch the gimmicky teas, fad diets, and faux cleanses that leave you feeling terrible and empty. 

BE happy, healthy, and whole.