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Self Care September Day Twenty Five: Environmental wellness.

Self Care September Day Twenty Five: Environmental wellness.

Most people don’t include environmental wellness as a part of their daily wellness.. but it is critical. Our personal environment wellness has a huge influence over daily lives. Earth, environment, and connection to nature is the base for personal environment. It is so important to protect it. Protecting the environment means protecting yourself from environmental hazards and minimizing your own behaviors that have a negative impact on the world around us. 

Leading a lifestyle that is respectful to the environment and minimizes harm is the path toward environmental wellness. These harmful things/behaviors increase air pollution, CO2 emissions, chemicals, noise, water pollution, and living a wasteful life with fast plastics and fast fashion that just ends up in landfills. 

OUR responsibilities to this Earth include: 

  • Being aware of natural resources and their limits.
  • Living our lives mindful of the waste and trash we produce and recycling benefits.
  • Realizing the effects of daily habits on the world.
  • Volunteer time to worthy causes that promote positive behaviors and practices.