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Self Care September Day Twenty Three: Stop and do nothing.

Self Care September Day Twenty Three: Stop and do nothing.

We have all heard the phrase.. stop and smell the roses. Well, how about literally just stopping? In this crazy world, we are all super busy and all need a break from time to time. Why exactly do we need to stop? Stopping and doing nothing allows our brains and mental wellbeing some downtime. We can improve mental health and allow our internal clocks to process all that goes on in our lives. Maybe stop and have a little tea

I read a quote by Confucius that really resonated this.. 

“Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous”  

So with today’s ultra plugged in society and constant networking, we become victims of information and stimulation overload. The idea and practice of reflection becomes archaic. Working harder day in a day out is NOT always smarter. Doing nothing can actually induce states of our minds that promote creativity, productivity, and improve mental wellbeing.  

So take 30 minutes today and STOP. Do nothing. 

One of the methods I incorporate is putting my phone on airplane mode, setting a timer for 30 minutes, and literally sit. The coziest spot, cup of tea, and I sit. Try it.