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Simple Strategies for Healthy Aging. 

Simple Strategies for Healthy Aging. 

As I sat down to write this post about aging.. I flashed to my adventures in California, especially the ones that were spent in the Red Wood Forest among these aging great wonders. We all want to live better and live longer but how do you do it without all the stress and mundane tasks?

Here are a few simple strategies that won’t have you pulling your hair out to stay young and to live vibrantly longer. 

Simple Strategies for Healthy Aging: 

Reduce fats and sugars to prevent amyloid beta proteins that are involved in developing Alzheimers. Processed and refined sugars and fats wreak havoc on our bodies. You are best to limit or avoid completely. 

Try to get in 2-3 hours of weekly exercise with aerobic and resistance workouts. This will improve memory, learning, and develop brain cells. This is important in increasing muscle mass to prevent falls, fractures, brain atrophy, and improve functionality. 

Reduce chronic stress to improve the hippocampus which is the part of the brain linked to emotions, leanring, and memory. 

Keep mentally sharp with stimulation and communal activities like board games, crosswords, reading, writing, music. This will help you to continue to increase your mental longevity in the years to come. 

Reduce depression through social interaction and group activities. Everyday steps toward happiness, self development, and satisfaction in life will not only keep you young but allow you to continue to develop and evolve as an individual.