About Sarah

When and why Living Whole got started.

In high school when my peers were struggling with the ever embedded question of “what I want to be when I grow up,” I already knew. I wanted to be a Nurse. I wanted to help people. I have traveled all across the United States as an Electrophysiology and Cardiac Cath Lab RN. Through those years of experience, Living Whole began as an outlet for me to assist people even further with chronic disease, ineffective weight management, and generalized lack of wellness. Blending passion and profession, I became an American Naturopathic Medical Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Living Whole has evolved into my whole life with me being able to leave my last travel assignment at Stanford University and pursue Living Whole full time. It is my whole life. I live every aspect of it and want to share it to allow others to see how effortless health and wellness can really be.

— My whole life is your whole guide to health.

Not all who wander are lost.

I have always had a sense of wanderlust.. even now as I travel freely, the more places I visit the more I realize how little I know. This world is big and beautiful. Traveling brings great experiences and enlightens. It is thrilling and exciting, but it can be difficult to stay healthy on the road. Always on the run in our EVERYDAY lives can lead to not healthful habits. I am striving to show people that living balanced and whole can be done. We each have our own unique journey and paths. I encourage you to be curious, explore the foods and experiences that empower you, and to be kind and compassionate to all.

From the kitchen.

I love to cook, bake, simmer, and sauté. Growing up, moving around the kitchen came with ease. Food is art, it’s inspiring, comforting, and even rejuvenating. Food is pivotal to everything we do in life. Whenever possible, I choose whole food, plant based, organic, and local options. Our food culture has embedded a sense of fear and restriction with foods. It’s time to change this. My recipes developed range from comforting favorites to seasonally inspired culinary gems. Food is balance. Life is balance. I am blazing and pioneering a healthy path for southern flare by taking southern comfort classics and charm to a whole new healthy level.

“I live vibrantly whole & love being able to share my life. Taking southern comfort classics and charm to a whole new healthy level. Living Whole reflects my daily lifestyle, travel adventures, and plate. Everything my life revolves around helping others through health & wellness, travel, & plant based nutrition.”